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The large-scale fireworks display shells filling technology

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Prepare filling
1, to determine the scope of the job security alert during installation , and set up the cordon and obvious signs, fireworks during construction to ensure that the installation is nothing more than the staff to enter the construction site.
2 , temporary storage point in the product , with a good fire buckets and dry powder fire extinguishers.
3 , construction workers should be put into the scene overalls, wearing a helmet, wear a good job card.
Check the product out of the box
1 , outside the box in front of the box carefully check the serial number , shell size and discharge points are marked with a serial number and barrel barrel specifications match.
2 , Shell damp, launch package leak drugs or cracking, shall not be filled , so as not to bore the discharge occurs when deep-fried , deep-fried low .
Product release
1 , issuing the discharge of the product should seriously registration and orderly release . To control the amount distributed per capita payment can not be more than one box , a box filled with completed before collection.
2 , carrying shell bottom with both hands hold the box to prevent the box missed the end , to gently not throw throw, evading , drop , impact .
Shell filling
1, the shell should be a tube filled with a bomb, not a bomb or repeated multi- tube filled shells .
2 , when the staff to be filled again shell , it was discovered the product mildew, there is a floating medicine , deformation , layered blistering, cracking kit launch , missing drugs, lead and launch the missile body kits and other binding is not strong quality defects should be filled to surrender cleared keeper .
3, filling shell, must follow the requirements of the design layout , carefully check the product grouping, number, size , name is consistent with the barrel marked .
4, with Tisheng the sphere ( non pulling fast cited FireWire ) will shell the ball up, launch kits down gently into the bottom of the corresponding specifications of the launch tube , filled to ensure product specifications and installation specifications barrel consistent , and check cards or cartridges cylinder gap is too large or too small , and the launch tube at the bottom of whether a foreign body phenomenon from different angles.
5 , No. 7, above specifications shell filled To prevent Tisheng off, off, resulting in shell fall accidents.
6 , when shell filled with moisture measures to do ( in a good set of balls on the film bag ) ; After loading is completed to cover fire and rain foil plastic film .
7, with a good electric igniter wire connection , and indicate the group numbers in the exposed end of the wire to connect the ignition by group number . When the ignition computer programming , programming procedures should be in accordance with the design , the address coding barrel connector on the corresponding cylinder ignition device .
8 , the excess product should be handed over to the custodian packing timely registration custody . All loading is completed , to products shipped out of the discharge site , vehicles should be parked in a safe zone , sent to guard . The excess shall be fireworks gift to others.
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